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“To make technology easy-to-use, enabling access to the digital age for everyone”
Dr Peter Ashall, CEO & Co-Founder

Our Mission

Smartphones & tablets keep us connected in an increasingly digital world. They allow us to shop, find and share information, manage finances, access medical services, consume entertainment and much more. However, in this digital world it is of paramount importance that technology is available and accessible for everyone.

As technology has become increasingly more complex, many people are finding it difficult to use. Some people find smartphones and tablets confusing or overwhelming, whilst others, who are often tech savvy, find smartphones and tablets difficult due to visual or dexterity impairments. At easology we realised that it was time to solve this problem, specifically: How can we make the latest and best technology easier to use, so that everyone can enjoy being online and connected?

It was a problem that we set about solving with one of the biggest manufacturers of technology on the planet, Samsung!


6.3% of adults in the UK (almost 3m people) have never used the internet (Office of National Statistics) and we estimate that a further 8m+ people are struggling to use the internet safely and successfully (a recent study by Age UK showed that 5.8m people over 65yrs olds, are struggling to use devices and be online).

At easology we wanted to understand why people are struggling to be online and specifically, why they may struggle using modern devices. We engaged with the leading unitary authority in tackling digital exclusion in the UK, Greater Manchester Combined Authority. With unparalleled access to their equality assessment panel, we conducted extensive qualitative research with users, to see what problems were being experienced with modern smartphones and tablets. What we found was not ground-breaking, but it was alarming. Simple issues were causing confusion and making device usage difficult or often impossible. Below is a summary of our key findings:

• Layout of information can be confusing
• Icons and pressing areas are too small
• Text size is also too small
• Navigation and screen gestures can be difficult
• Accidental changes in device settings can cause confusion
• Accidental deletion or movement of apps can cause confusion
• Over complicated and over whelming ‘Settings Menu’
• Complexity of web browsers
• Password and login issues

These findings were key in helping us to understand how to tacke our mission: To make the latest and best technology easier to use, so that everyone can enjoy being online and connected.

The easology interface solves many of the issues, and together with Samsung, we make the best technology on the planet, easy to use and available for everyone. We currently have combined with Samsung to produce an easy-to-use tablet. Shortly we will launch the easology smartphone version too.

The assessment panel in Manchester not only provides us in-depth insight into user’s needs, they also help us evaluate the easology products, those on the market already and those coming soon. If you would like a glimpse into one of the latest discussions we had, check out the short video below.

The Team

Left to Right: Dr Peter Ashall (CEO & Co-Founder), Sateesh Ramoutar (Chief Commercial Officer), Richard Ashall (Chief Technical Officer)
The easology team are a group of telecom experts that have been part of the digital revolution story over the past 30 years. The management team have worked at senior levels for the likes of Nokia, Oracle, Motorola, Orange, Vodafone, (to name but a few).

However, every member of the easology team also has a personal and defining experience that allowed them to see first-hand, the difficulties for loved ones to be part of the digital revolution. This drives the team to achieve our mission... To make the latest and best technology easier to use, so that everyone can enjoy being online and connected.