Technology made easy

easy calling. easy searching. easy reading.

Technology has changed the way we communicate, shop, find information, manage finances, access medical treatment, consume entertainment and much more. Sometimes though, using technology can be difficult.
At easology, we want to make being online easy for everyone.

Working with Samsung we have developed an app that transforms all Samsung tablets making them easier to use, whilst keeping all the functionality you enjoy. Please keep reading to learn more about the unique features that the easology app provides.

1. Restful Home Screen

easology changes the home screen of your tablet, making it clearer, intuitive and restful.

We don’t reduce the functionality of the tablet though; all your favourite apps are available

2. Layouts made easy

Whether it’s the calendar, your contacts, browsing the internet or any other of your favourite applications, easology transforms the layout to make it easier and simpler to use.
Internet browser

3. Big Buttons

Each app has big buttons with a large selection area. They make it easy for you to make sure you have the right selection when navigating the features of your tablet.

It includes vibration feedback as an extra level of reassurance when selecting items within the menus. Easology™ works great if you need a big button tablet.

4. Magnify To Simplify

The magnification application allows you to magnify text to make it readable. This can be used for reading packaging, labels, leaflets or even a book. The colour can also be inverted to make it easier to read.

5. The First Line Of First Aid

With easology software on your tablet, you can specify medical aliments or conditions that are important in case of an emergency.

These can then be accessed by medical professionals even if your tablet is locked.

6. Make Your Tablet How You Want It

With easology software you can customize your home screen to make it just right for you. You can reduce it to just the applications you use.

You can even change the colour to make it more legible.

We all have different ways of using our tablet and differ in the applications and functionality we use the most. easology is designed to let you use your tablet your way.
High contrast - dark

7. Large Text

And whatever you use your tablet for, the text is always large so its easy to read.


8. Quick Contacts

You can preprogramme 4 of your most important contact numbers (for example, family, friends, bank, doctor), so they are accessible by an easy-to-use button on the home screen.

How do I try the easology app?

The easology software only works on a Samsung tablet. We have a number of ways you can get easology to suit your individual preference.
Special Offer
Easology logo horizontal
From £14.40 a month
Easology App subscription included in purchase
For existing EE customers only
Special Offer

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with easology pre-installed

We have teamed up with Britain's biggest mobile operator EE, to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with easology pre-installed
Existing EE customers - £0 Upfront, £14.40 a month ~ 4GB Data Included
Non-EE customers - £50 Upfront, £16.00 a month ~ 4GB Data Included
Buy at EE website
Important Notice For All Existing EE Customers
When you go the EE website, please ensure you login to your EE account to remove the upfront charge and reduce the monthly tariff


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