Thanks for clicking through to find out more about our scheme to provide your organization with FREE Easology NFR (Not For Resale) licenses for your Samsung tablets. We have 500 license to give away. All you need to apply is a Samsung tablet. Please keep reading to learn a little more about us and how the scheme works.

About Easology

At easology we understand that some people struggle using smartphones and tablets. For many, the standard Android or iOS interface is just too tricky to use, whether that is because of something simple like the text is too small or the icons are difficult to press, or more complex issues like unintuitive navigation or overwhelming information layouts. To help solve this, we have partnered with Samsung and together we have created an interface for Samsung smartphones and tablets that is easier-to-use, whist still enabling the user to enjoy all the functions and features of these state-of-the-art devices. To find out a little more, watch the below video which features our latest easy-to-use tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ Easology Edition:

A Partnership Approach

Many people can benefit from an easier-to-use device. We have customers that range from older persons with visual or dexterity impairment, through to younger persons with physical disabilities, cognitive impairment or learning difficulties. Making a device truly accessible can be the difference between being connected or being offline and excluded. At easology we believe in partnership, and we are looking for like-minded organisations that are in contact with people who may benefit from an easier-to-use device. Our partner list is growing fast, and already includes organisations like Barclays and The Carents Room to name just a few. Join our network of like-minded organisations today and lets work together to help make technology accessible.

How does the Not For Resale License Scheme Work?

If you are someone who can benefit from the Easology interface and are willing to be an Easology advocate within your organisation, please fill out the form below with your details and we will be in touch.

So What's Next?

If you would like to participate, simply fill in the ‘Your Details’ section below. We will be in touch on how we will send you the NFR license.  It’s as simple as that. There is no binding obligation and you can decide not to participate at any time.

Free Trial Licences 
If you have any further questions or would like to discuss before ‘applying’, please email Steve Benton at [email protected]

A Few T&C’s

  • Samsung tablets are not included
  • The organisation tablets must be Android 10 or above
  • Subject to Easology approval