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Our population is getting older. In the UK, 12 million people are 65 yrs or over. Worldwide 700 million people are 65 yrs or over. And the population is ageing rapidly, by 2050, over 1.5 Billion people globally will be 65yrs or over.

Yet as our population gets older, technology is being advanced by and for the younger generations. The growth in smart platforms is changing every aspect of our lives, from social interaction, to shopping, to how we access services and much more. In this changing world, with so many wonderful possibilities, many are getting left behind. Older adults and persons with visual or dexterity impairment are struggling to access the new digital world. In the UK alone, 4.16m people are offline, with the majority, 3.42m, 65yrs old or over.

easology was founded with a purpose to bridge the digital divide. We create smart device interfaces, partnering with operators and service providers to make devices and essential services accessible to those who currently find them difficult or impossible to use.

Our Mission

As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, smart platforms are bringing abundant new opportunities; changing the way we communicate, shop, find and share information, manage our finances, access medical treatment, consume entertainment and much much more.
However, visual and dexterity impairment, and sometimes simple fear, mean that older adults and other groups are being left outside the digital revolution.
At easology we are passionate about addressing the digital
divide and contributing to building a society of digital inclusion. We are committed to making smart phones, tablets easy to use for older adults and persons with visual or dexterity impairment.

We are dedicated to the simple idea, that whilst times
change and so do we, everyone should be empowered with
ability and means to express themselves.

Product Details

What is easology?

Easology software transforms the user experience of a Samsung smartphone or tablet, making the user screens simpler, clearer and more intuitive for older adults or anyone with visual and/or dexterity impairments.

Product Details

What are the beneficial features of easology software?

Easology software makes the phone or tablet understandable, simpler and intuitive, without reducing functionality
Simple Menu & Big Buttons
Clear Layout Throughout
Large Text As Default
Inbuilt Magnification
Invert colour
Emergency Info

Product Details

What device(s) are compatible with easology software?

The software is available for any Samsung smartphone or tablet running the Samsung Knox mobile platform version 3. 2 or later (typically devices from 2017 onwards).

How can a customer purchase the software?

Easology software can be downloaded via the Samsung app store. The easology software is a subscription service with a cost of £1.99 per month ( 30-day free trial). The subscription can be cancelled at any time


Alternatively, EE customers can buy (from the EE website) a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with easology software pre-installed. The cost is £13.50 per month, for 24 months and comes with 4GB of data per month (price may be subject to change at the discretion of EE)

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The software is available for any Samsung smartphone or tablet running the Samsung Knox mobile platform version 3. 2 or later (typically devices from 2017 onwards).

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Team Pictures

Dr Peter Ashall
CEO & Co-Founder
Dr Peter Ashall
CEO & Co-Founder
Richard Ashall
Chief Technical Officer
Mike Bowerman
Sales Director
Sarah Guggenheim
Product Management
Team (left to right) - Richard Ashall, Peter Ashall, Mike Bowerman, Sarah Guggenheim
Frank Nuovo
Board Member/Design Advisor
Carlo Frondaroli
Board Member/Financial Advisor
Sateesh Ramtoutar
Chief Commercial Officer
Lu Haosi
Digital Manager
Azura Guan
Market Research Insights
Team (left to right) -  Peter Ashall, Sateesh Ramoutar, Richard Ashall

Team Bios's

Dr Peter Ashall - CEO & Co-Founder

Experienced telecoms executive, founder and CEO of Vertu, grown to revenues £250M. VP at Nokia and Motorola responsible for innovation and product development. Trustee of a national charity linking isolated older people to befrienders

Richard Ashall - Chief Technology Office

Experienced IT, program, digital marketing & technology strategy director. 15 years experience consulting at Deloitte and Logica

Mike Bowerman - Sales Director

30 years experience as a senior sales and BD exec in the telecoms industry. Founding director of Orange

Sateesh Ramoutar - Chief Commercial Officer

20 years sales experience in telecoms international environment. Former European Director of Retail Motorola, Director of Retail Vodafone Qatar, Director of Retail Orange Netherlands , Director of Retail du Dubai

Carlo Frondaroli - Board Member / Financial Advisor

30 years experience in global tech, telecoms and consumer electronics, with senior exec roles in strategy, finance, operations and sales. Non-exec and audit committee member for large companies and not-for- profits

Sarah Guggenheim - Product Management Director

30 years experience in global tech, telecoms and consumer electronics, with senior exec roles in strategy, finance, operations and sales. Non-exec and audit committee member for large companies and not-for- profits

Lu Haosi - Digital Manager

Digital marketing campaign consultant for Google Ads, customer account strategy and campaign optimisation

Azura Guan - Market Research & Insights

Experienced Research and sales professional

Interview - Dr Peter Ashall

Where does the name easology come from?

Our software is about making technology easier to use for older adults and persons with visual and dexterity impairments – easy to use technology or easology for short. We simply wanted a name that reflected what we do.

What makes easology different than your competitors?

The simple fact that the digital divide is such an issue today, indicates that there is a lack of solutions available, rather than a host of competing products waiting for customers. easology is a unique software solution designed to work on any Samsung tablet or smartphone, so we can take advantage of the world class device basics such as brilliant screens, long life batteries and efficient core technologies. As the world’s leading android device manufacturer, Samsung provides an ideal platform technically, and is available globally at highly competitive consumer prices. easology is available either as a package including a new device and network data, or as a downloadable software to any Samsung smartphone or tablet – ideal if you are upgrading and would like to upcycle and configure your existing Samsung for a relative or friend.

What is your vision for easology?

Our mission is to is to help close the digital divide, on a global scale. To achieve this, we need to find partners who are equally passionate about solving this, whether they be telecom operators, retailers, charities or other organizations. We need help to get our product known so we can reach our wherever the divide exists across the world. If we do this together with our partners, we know that we can really make a difference.

Why are you passionate about the digital inclusion?

I have been part of the digital revolution for the last 30 years. The telecoms industry has changed the way many people live. However for some, the shift to providing many services on digital devices has created barriers and exclusion. Anyone of us who has older parents, grandparents or friends will understand the difficultly trying to get our loved ones on-line. The speed of change is relentless with each product and service innovation providing further challenges for the
digitally excluded. Rather than looking toward the next big thing which drives the industry I wanted look at the impact of the shift to the digital economy and how to improve digital inclusion so that as many as possible can have access to the digital revolution.

Why does easology only work on Samsung products?

We wanted a partner who shared our vision and passion for digital inclusion. Samsung was the technology partner that really stood out as wanting to make a difference and their Applications Partnership philosophy makes the design, integration and delivery of our software a practical and efficient proposition. Samsung’s Knox mobile platform is extremely friendly to work with and allows an extensive software, such as easology, to work seamlessly with it. Their range of android tablets and smartphones is world leading in breadth and capability, and being a major player globally, means that commercially they were also an ideal partner.


 “Older adults empowered to use mobile device technology to express themselves”
- Dr Peter Ashall, CEO & Co-Founder
“We are passionate about enabling a society that’s digitally inclusive by helping close the digital divide “
- Dr Peter Ashall, CEO & Co-Founder
“Ability to use complex devices, visual and dexterity impairment and often simple fear, can mean older adults and other groups are left outside the digital revolution”
- Dr Peter Ashall, CEO & Co-Founder
“Serving this growing market is good for business and good for society”
- Mike Bowerman, Sales Director
“These are extraordinary times, so we need extraordinary people, to do extraordinary things’”
- Sateesh Ramoutar, Chief Commercial Officer

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Contact Information

Sateesh Ramoutar
Chief Commercial Officer
+44 7967 761794

Key Facts - UK

  • There are nearly 12 million (11,989,322) people aged 65 and above in the UK of which: 5.4 million people are aged 75+, 1.6 million are aged 85+, Over 500,000 people are 90+ (579,776), 14,430 are centenarians (ONS, 2018f, 2018e).
  • 4.16 million UK residents have never used the internet or have not used it in the past three months. 3.42 million of this number were 65yrs old or over (ONS, 6th April 2021)
  • 2.48 million UK residents classified as Equality Act Disabled (i.e. have a physical or mental impairment that has a 'substantial' and 'long-term' negative effect on their ability to do normal daily activities) have never used the internet or have not used it in the past three months (ONS, 6th April 2021)
  • Only 65% of 65Yr olds and over use a smartphone (Statistica 2021)
  • Over half (55%)of all adult internet non-users were over the age of 75 years in 2018 (ONS, LFS 2018)

Key Facts - Europe

  • In 2020, more than one fifth (20.6 %) of the EU population was aged 65 and over (eurostat)
  • Number of persons 65yrs and over in example EU countries: 18.1m Germany, 13.8m Italy, 9.2m Spain,  7.5m Turkey,  6.9m Poland
  • In 2020, 39% of 65-74yr olds in the EU did not use the internet in the last 3months (Eurostat).
    For statistics by country:  Click Here
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