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The Easology software provides an overlay that makes your Samsung smartphone easy to read and simple to use, without compromising on technology.

Text is larger and clearer, menus are easier to use and colour schemes are optimised for contrast and clarity.

With built-in vibration feedback, your selection of features and functions are positively confirmed.


Easy to use Home Screen

The home screen of every Easology device is easy to use with big buttons and large text. It simplifies the smartphone experience which means less frustration but you still have access to all of your favourite apps and services.

Large buttons

Every Easology app is designed from the ground up to be easily accessible. They have large buttons and each button always has a contextual description so it easy to work out what it does.

Big text throughout

By default, all of the Easology apps have big text and this even applies automatically to 3rd party apps such as the NHS app and Facebook.

Built in magnifier

A magnifier is available directly via the home screen. It has zoom in and out buttons (rather than pinch and zoom which can be difficult for some hands) and even has an invert button that turns black text to white to make it easier to read.

SOS function

Our SOS button provides immediate access to emergency contacts including details such as:
  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Blood type
  • Doctor’s details
  • Insurance details
  • Next of kin
It sits on the lock screen as a persistent notification so anyone that finds the phone can have direct access to this vital information without needing the passcode to the phones. Of course, you only need to put in the information that you feel comfortable sharing
Software Features

Core Applications


All of your app notifications in one place


Easy to read, simple to use text messaging


A contacts list that you can easily navigate


Your calendar displayed with clarity


Dialler, favourites, and call log all with large text


Clock and alarms - essential everyday tools

System Settings

All of the most commonly used system settings - made easy!

Additional Applications

Quick Contacts

Quick access to your favourite contacts from the home screen

Emergency Information

Easy to access information from your lock screen


A magnifier that uses the camera to increase the size of the image on the screen

Tutorial Videos

Videos that walk you through the software

3 Visual Profiles

Standard, dark and light modes that apply through the entire interface for optimal contrast and clarity

Vibration Response

Vibration response that confirms each touch

System Wide Customisable Font Size

All of the most commonly used system settings - made easy!
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