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An easy-to-use tablet
The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology is designed to be easy-to-use, yet with all the latest technology & features
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The Latest Technology 

Why should easy mean less? Samsung & Easology have joined forces to create the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology. A best-in-class tablet that is also easy-to-use. With clearer layouts, easy internet browsing, larger text, big icons and much more, this groundbreaking tablet is the latest in technology, made easy.

Stylish, Sleek And Powerful

The stylish, sleek Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology is the perfect tablet for searching the internet, video calling, watching videos, using social media and much more. What ever you like to do, its easy on the large 10.5” immersive screen. This tablet is WIFI enabled, superfast and comes with a large storage capacity and a long-lasting battery.
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Use all your favourite apps like Facebook and Whatsapp, but with some great new features such as large text throughout, a built in magnifier and more that will make using your tablet easy.
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“ I use the internet every day, from shopping to finding new places to go to. My new Samsung Easology lets me do everything I want without undue hassle and difficulty”
Sandra, 72, N. Yorks
“ I have been online for 20 years and wanted a new tablet with the latest technology. My Samsung Easology tablet has a great screen, great sound and is fast. It’s also really easy-to-use though – being Online has never been so enjoyable”
Gerry, 76, Cleveland
“ I was looking for ages for an easy-to-use tablet, but they were all really simplified and could not do all the things I wanted it to do. Also, they were from brands I had never heard of. My Samsung tablet with its easology design means finally I have a high-quality easy-to-use tablet from a brand I trust - and it does everything I want’
Michael, 75, Guilford