An easy-to-use tablet
The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology is designed to be easy-to-use, yet with all the latest technology & features
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Why should easy mean less?

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology is designed to be easy-to-use but with all the latest features that you would expect from a Samsung tablet. So, whether video calling, watching your favourite YouTube videos, browsing Facebook or searching the internet, you can do it all on this stylish Samsung tablet. Keep reading to learn some of the great features of this easy-to-use tablet

Get All Your Favourite Apps

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology comes with access to the Google Playstore, letting you download all your favourite apps and have them instantly on the tablet home screen

Easy Searching

The Easology web browser has been specially designed to make browsing the internet easy. No more difficult pinch and expand finger gestures; easy to use buttons help you magnify for easy reading

Easy Layouts

Whether it’s the clock, the calendar or even the settings menu, everything is laid out in an intuitive, clear way on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology

Easy Reading

With large text, larger icons and bigger buttons, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology makes reading the screen easy

Easy Features

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology has been designed with you in mind and making things easier. Take for example, this magnification function for reading tiny text on leaflets and packages

Mistake Proof

Sick of apps disappearing, layouts changing or finding yourself somewhere with no idea how you got there? Easier navigation and intuitive structures, means you can use your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology with confidence

Stylish & Fast With A Long-Lasting Battery

The large 10.5” screen is perfect to hold and with its slim sleek design, this tablet looks great. It’s fast too, with its super speedy Octa Core processer it delivers outstanding performance. An immersive 10.5-inch display guarantees a gorgeous picture, and the Quad Dolby Atmos speakers give a beautifully balanced 3D audio experience. And don’t worry, its packed with power to play, with 32GB of storage, and a long-lasting battery to keep you online for longer. Easy shouldn’t mean less!

Home screen customisation

With easology you can customize your home screen to make it just right for you. You can reduce it to just the applications you use. You can even change the colour to make it more legible.

We all have different ways of using our tablet and differ in the applications and functionality we use the most, easology is designed to let you use your tablet your way.
Easology Key Features
Discover an easy-to-use tablet
Using Easology

See Easology in action

Watch this short video and see how easology makes tablets easier to use, without reducing any functionality

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The superb Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Easology delivers market-leading performance with all the latest features, in an easy-to-use tablet. This unique, specially designed tablet is exclusively available from the easology webstore for £229.99. Use promo code easy10 and enjoy £10 off this price.
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What our customers say
“Good looking tablet. Easier to use than my previous Ipad and better value”
Bob, Stoke
“ I have been online for 20 years and wanted a new tablet with the latest technology. My Samsung Easology tablet has a great screen, great sound and is fast. It’s also really easy-to-use though – being Online has never been so enjoyable”
Gerry, Cleveland
“ I was looking for ages for an easy-to-use tablet, but they were all really simplified and could not do all the things I wanted it to do. Also, they were from brands I had never heard of. My Samsung tablet with its easology design means finally I have a high-quality easy-to-use tablet from a brand I trust - and it does everything I want’
Michael, Cambridge
"Bought this tablet as a birthday present for my mum – she really likes it. She uses it for reading the news, youtube and zoom calls – does everything she needs but is easy to use. Would recommend"
John, London
"Bought for my wife to replace a rubbish tablet that she recently got that promised to be simple to use, but from a brand we had never heard of. Very happy that we now bought this Samsung Easology one and paid a little bit more. Just what my wife was looking for . It has a good battery, decent storage and is nice and easy to use. Happy with the purchase and can 100% recommend"
Francis, Wales
“Good looking tablet. Easier to use than my previous Ipad and better value"
Bob, Stoke
"Very pleased. Arrived quickly and works just as promised. Good quality tablet. I like the layout"
Stewart, Edinburgh