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Here at easology, we know that if we want to make technology easy for everyone, we need great partners. Partners who share our passion to make technology accessible for everyone.
When easology embarked upon making tablets easier-to-use, we collaborated with the world’s leading smartphone & tablet manufacturer, Samsung. Their state-of-the-art tablets are designed to have brilliant screens, long life batteries and efficient core technologies that make them super fast and super reliable. Moreover though, Samsung share our passion to making technology easy and accessible for everyone. Together easology & Samsung are working tirelessly to ensure that easy does not mean less!
Easology and Samsung have partnered with the UK’s largest mobile operator, EE, in order to offer a mobile network solution to those who want an easy-to-use tablet. EE stock (the ‘baby brother’ of the Samsung Tab A8 Easology) the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Easology, along with 5GB of data per month (available on a 24mth contract). This is a great affordable tablet and, comes equipped to work on Britain's best mobile network. It’s a great proposition for anyone wanting mobile data with their tablet. It’s available exclusively at EE.

Or visit one of your local EE stores

Alternatively call EE customer services on 0800 956 6000 (or 150 From an EE Mobile)
An easy-to-use Easology Samsung tablet is proudly featured and sold through the Viva Vitality shopping catalogue. Viva Vitality scour the world to find great quality, ingenious products that make everyday activities less of a struggle, so you can spend time on what really matters.

Viva Vitality is a direct shopping brand under the Scotts & Co organisation
Many of our easology customers are actually buying for an older loved one; a parent or grandparent. Helping loved ones get online can often mean families stay connected. We have partnered with The Carents Room as they are the go-to place for mid-life adults supporting elderly parents. At The Carents Room, you can find the help, information and links you need to get the best for those you love. Ageing doesn’t need to be grey!
Retirement4U is a blog promoting active retirement – specifically about making positive choices about each precious day. The blog (written by the inimitable Pete) covers a range of topics covering fitness, health, technology, finance, sociability and leisure. Pete's blog informs, challenges and makes you laugh
AbilityNet’s TechShare Pro is the UK's largest accessibility and inclusive design event. An opportunity to connect, learn and build a more accessible and inclusive digital world. An event with over 100 speakers including business leaders, marketers, accessibility leaders, charities, influencers, UK and European Governments, and many more. Easology were invited to speak at this year’s 2022 Techshare Pro event held in November, and were proud to share how we are contributing to making the digital world accessible for everyone.
Dr Jackie Gray
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Meet Dr Jackie Gray
The Carents Room

Watch an interview where Dr Jackie Gray interviews Chief Commercial Officer of Easology, Sateesh Ramoutar

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If you or your company is interested in collaborating with easology, please contact us. We are always on the look out for great people and great companies that are passionate about easy-to-use technology.