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“At easology we are passionate about making technology easier-to-use,. But easy shouldn’t mean less!”
Dr Peter Ashall, CEO & Co-Founder


Our smartphones & tablets keep us connected in an increasingly digital world. They allow us to shop, find and share information, manage our finances, access medical services, consume entertainment and much much more. In fact, for most of us, often without noticing, many aspects of our daily lives are enabled through access to online services.

At easology, we know that many of us like things to be easy. But just because you want technology to be easy-to-use, why should you have less? Easy-to-use should not mean reduced functionality or possibility. At easology, we are passionate about making technology easy-to use, without making it less. We believe everyone can and should have the latest technology.

At easology we have identified ways that tablets can be made easier-to use. From simple changes like larger text and bigger icons, to more involved understanding of how people use their table (see our features section to learn more). Then, working with Samsung in a ground-breaking collaboration, we have developed an easy-to-use interface that still allows access to the word class functionality that Samsung offer in their tablets. So now, for all of us that can benefit from easy, easy does not need to mean less!
Left to Right: Dr Peter Ashall (CEO & Co-Founder), Sateesh Ramoutar (Chief Commercial Officer), Richard Ashall (Chief Technical Officer)
The easology team are a group of telecom experts that have been part of the digital revolution story over the past 30 years. The management team have worked at senior levels for the likes of Nokia, Motorola, Orange, Vodafone, (to name but a few).

However, every member of the easology team also has a defining experience that allowed them to see first hand, the difficulties for loved ones to be part of the digital revolution. This drives the team with a deep desire to ensure there is digital inclusion for everyone.

At easology we have a simple saying that drives everything we do, easy with easology.